Prayer of St. Cyprian

Almighty God, we are reminded through your servant St. Cyprian, of your Spirit always within us and Your continued presence in us, and of our oneness with You and the Church. May we always grow together and profess You in Faith, Unity, and Hope. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we ask this through Christ our Lord

From the Pastor’s Desk

May Jesus Christ, who always come to our aid, be with you!

As the month of August progresses, parish organizations are completing and revealing their plans for events and activities. These activities have a goal and a purpose, to bring our parish community together. These activities and events allow our parish to remain vibrant, visible, and viable. As the weeks move forward, more parish activities will be shared. Please support and participate in any or all the parish activities.

I want to encourage all our parishioners to attend either the Archdiocesan Women’s Conference or the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage. We want our parish to be represented. Both events are held in October, but it is important to sign up now and reserve your seat. Put these events on your calendar.

The Gospel reading for today offers a great comfort to us, but it also extends a challenge to us. The Gospel contains two sayings about the nature of Jesus’ mission. His coming marks a time for making discussions. His followers will have to make crucial choices; they will have to choose to be for him or against him. Choosing for him may divide them from family members. It’s either following the family or follow Christ. Many of us have been in this same situation, what decisions or choices, did we have to make when it came to Christ, family, work, or friends?

Let us ask Christ to help us to be true to his Gospel.

Peace and Blessings
Msgr. Britto

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View YouTube video of Deacon Richard Nightingale’s final homily here

Coming To Mass, Please Remember:

  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

  2. Masks are optional

  3. Do not attend Mass if you are sick

  4. Please sanitize your hands when you enter church

  5. No Precious Blood at this time

  6. Do not hold hands during the “Our Father”

We continue to follow the guidelines from the CDC. The church is sanitized between each mass and deep cleaned during the week preparing for Sunday Mass.