Prayer of St. Cyprian

Almighty God, we are reminded through your servant St. Cyprian, of your Spirit always within us and Your continued presence in us, and of our oneness with You and the Church. May we always grow together and profess You in Faith, Unity, and Hope. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we ask this through Christ our Lord

Lenten Mass Schedule

Wednesday, February 17 – Ash Wednesday mass: 8:00 am; 9:30 am; 7:00 pm
Wednesday, February 24 – Mass: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 3 – Mass: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 10 – Evening of Reflection: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 17 – Stations of the Cross: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 24 – Stations of the Cross: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 31 – Mary’s Way of the Cross: 7:00 pm

From the Pastor’s Desk

May Jesus Christ, who suffered for sins to lead us to goodness and truth, be with you!

These past two weeks have been challenging across the country with the bad weather. It also affected our Church attendance on Sundays. Mother Nature is really making her presence known and felt. The important issue is to remain safe during these bad weather storms.

On a good note, Covid-19 cases are on a decline. Nationally, and locally, there are less cases reported, less hospital recordings and less people coming to the hospitals. Let us pray this trend continues. Let us also pray that the vaccine trickles down to all people so Covid-19 can come to a relative conclusion.

The season of Lent had begun. Although we remain amid the pandemic, I hope you will be able to participate St. Cyprian’s Parish Lenten Journey. The spirit of Lent is important and the traditions we continue are spiritually helpful and nourishing. Join us every Wednesday evening for either Mass, Stations of the Cross, Mary’s Way of the Cross or our Evening of Reflection. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Sacrament of Confession and fulfill your Lenten and Easter obligation.

Our Gospel for today shares Jesus’ temptation while praying in the desert. Each of us is involved in a constant struggle against temptation. He understands our weakness in the face of temptation, and because he was victorious over temptation, he can help us. Let us then approach him with confidence, asking for help we need to overcome our temptations.

Have a blessed season of Lent and hopefully we will see each other on the Lenten Journey.

Peace and Blessings,
Msgr. Britto


In Honor of Black History Month (Part 3)
7 Trailblazing Black History Heroes You Should Know About

Maggie Lena Walker – Maggie Lena Walker was the first Black woman in America to start a bank, but also used her business acumen to accomplish much more.

Born in Richmond, Virginia, nine months before the end of the Civil War, she was only 14 when she became a member of the local council of the Independent Order of St. Luke, and African American Mutual Aid Society that provided sick benefits, burial funds, and financial support for widows and orphans. Over the years, she held various positions in the organization before taking charge of it in 1899. As the leader of the order, Walker focused its mission on improving the lives of African Americans and helping them work toward economic self-sufficiency.

In 1902, she created a printing department and newspaper, The St. Luke Herold. The next year Penny Savings Bank and then opened a store run by African Americans. She was an advocate for the rights of Black people, particularly women, and served on the board of the National Association of Colored Women. She also was a board member for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Bessie Coleman – Goaded on by her brother, who challenged what African American women could do, Bessie Coleman, became the first Black-Native American woman in the country awarded a pilot’s license. After hearing of French women flying airplanes, she studied French, saved her money, solicited donors, and went to France. In 1921, after seven months of flight school, she received an international pilot’s license.

Constance Baker Motley – Constance Baker Motley, a trial lawyer for the NAACP, played a crucial role in the fight to end segregation. In a distinguished career, she notched a number of “first”.

She was the first Black woman to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1946, she became the became the second Black woman to receive a law degree from Columbia University. (Elreta Alexander was the first in 1945.) Motley would go on to become the first African American woman elected to the New York State Senate in 1964, the first woman of any race elected as a New York borough president in 1965, and the first Black woman appointed to a federal judgeship in 1966.

Deacon Nightingale
Our commitment to Christ: Commitment is a Choice.

New Poll Show Favorability of the Church is on the Rise

A new poll by Saint Leo University Polling Institute shows that Catholics have a higher opinion of the Church than they did a year ago. The poll shows that U.S. Catholics expressed a 74% level of favorability of the Church, compared to 57% last April. Similarly, the general population’s opinion has increased from 40% in April 2019 to about 42%. As parishes, diocese and other institutions of the Church wrestle to respond to 2018 revelations of further clergy sexual abuse, this report brings hope that, while much more needs to be done, the Church and its members are healing. The report also recorded the faithful’s view of Pope Francis, which sat at 75%, only slightly down from November with 78%, both of which were higher than the view of the pop by the general public.

Coming To Mass, Please Remember:

  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

  2. Wear your mask in church except children 2years old and younger

  3. Do not attend Mass if you are high risk to contract COVID19

  4. Do not attend Mass if you are sick

  5. Use the center doors when entering church.

  6. Please sanitize your hands when you enter church

  7. Missals and hymnals will no longer be in the pews.

  8. Please follow directions on signs when taking your seat.

  9. Members of the same household may sit together.

  10. Sit 6 ft apart if not in the same household

  11. No Sign of Peace at this time

  12. No Precious Blood at this time

  13. Do not hold hands during the “Our Father”

  14. Receive Holy Communion by hand remove your mask before receiving Holy Communion

  15. Do not congregate after Mass, please go directly to your car.

  16. Please leave your mask on as you exit church

We will continue to follow the guidelines from the CDC. The church will be sanitized between each mass and deep cleaned during the week preparing for Sunday Mass.