Hope Ministries

Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee of Saint Cyprian provides spiritual support for those who have suffered a loss of a loved one. We offer our prayers through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to demonstrate the care and concern of the parish community. Through notes and conversation, we seek to help the grieving in planning appropriate Catholic funeral liturgies. We pray for the dead and all those who mourn them, and we coordinate a memorial mass each November.

Food Pantry and Clothes Room

With Christ as our cornerstone, the ministry of the Food Pantry/Clothes Room attempts to minister to the mind, body, and spirit of our brothers and sisters. We strive to be a beacon of hope to the needy in our community through the distribution of food and clothing. Our service is available to all God’s children.

Open Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9:30 – 11:15 AM

Helping Hands For The Hungry

Helping Hands for the Hungry is a ministry that serves the needy on the last Saturday of each month. Our volunteers provide a delicious hot meal, food bags, clothing, but most importantly prayer and God’s Word.

Parish Grounds Volunteers

The volunteers give time individually or in a group, with the intention of keeping our grounds attractive and clean throughout the year. Respect for the presence of God in our Church, our parishioners, and in our neighbors, motivates their service.

Parish Social Outreach Committee

The Parish Social Outreach Committee invites parishioners to extend the call of the Gospel to the community through works or charity.